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The Myth and Mystery of the Piasa Petrograph

From 2:00PM to n/a

Dr. Duane Esarey, Illinois State Archaeological Survey Lost accounts and contradictory details have made painted images on the rock bluff at Alton, Illinois, an enduring source of mystery. Jolliet’s original 1673 drawing was supposedly lost, the paintings disappeared before authoritative renderings were captured, and local accounts of the images’ meaning were badly confused. This presentation verifies a contemporary drawing fitting the description of Marquette’s account as coming from Louis Jolliet and uses a Peoria Indian culture-hero account to decode the long-lost meaning of the Piasa. In the process, a new supernatural character shows how similar imagery from Mississippian and earlier cultures must be reinterpreted. FREE. For more info: (217) 586-2612 or vhall@ccfpd.org. Museum of the Grand Prairie, Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve, 950 N Lombard, Mahomet, 2 p.m.

Kirby Derby Training Sessions

FREE physical and informational Training for this year's 7th Annual Kirby Derby in Monticello! The training sessions will be held at Monticello Middle School and are completely open to the public! Join in on the fun and start your training towards a healthier lifestyle and this year's Kirby Derby off right!