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Car-X Tire and Auto has been in business in Champaign since 1989. Locally owned and operated by Parham, they do everything on cars from tires to engines to details - a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs!



"My philosophy has always been simple," said Parham.  "Make lifelong customers with blatant honesty, make a fair profit and give back to the community.
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Spring is a great time to clean and maintain your car
Follow these tips to make sure your car stands out in the warm, sunny weather:
• Wash Inside
• Take out any unnecessary items
• Weight can affect the condition of your car, as well as your mileage over time
• Clean the plastic surfaces with a mild spray and cloth and vacuum the remaining surfaces (read more)









Most of us have experienced a curious sound coming from our vehicle. It is always a little nerve-racking, as some sounds can be indicators of serious problems, while others have simple fixes. Responding appropriately to the sounds your car makes can prevent problems from worsening, thus saving you a significant amount of money. The following explains what each sound means and what you can do to get rid of it. (read more)


Avoid Getting Stranded!
What to do if your car won’t start
There are several possible reasons your car may not start, such as corroded cables or a light left on:

• If your car makes a clicking noise when you turn your key in the ignition
• If your car is silent when you turn your key in the ignition
• If your car turns over but won’t start
• If your car won’t start on cold days and your car has fuel injection
(read more)



According to the 2010 Census, there are about three times more used cars than new cars sold each year. If you are among the population that currently drives a used car, you know how important maintaining you car can be. The below tips will help make your used car last longer.


• Drive carefully
• Follow recommended maintenance schedule
• Keep your car clean
• Monitor your cooling system
• Keep your tires in good shape
• Use high mileage motor oil
• Keep accurate maintenance records
• Shelter
• Pay attention to your warranty
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It is likely at some point in your life you will get a flat tire. Do you know what to do without having to ask for help?


• It is important to find a flat, level surface on which to change the tire. This will prevent the car from rolling.
• Your vehicle should be in “Park” and should have the parking brake on.
• Place heavy objects in front of both sets of tires.
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